How to Structure Acquired Knowledge in a Company

There is a large amount of information that comes into a company on a daily basis. There are many learning opportunities from all those occasions, like insight on best practices, helpful comments, and suggestions. The question is how to bring in all of that acquired information into the company, so it lives as part of the organization itself.

This is not a simple question, and in fact, it’s rather difficult because most of the time, there is no space to think about anything other than the work that must be done. It is nevertheless significant. How can the company become a kind of learning machine that integrates all the beneficial information that will help the company grow even more?

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10 Simple Methods to Increase Professional Productivity

I often wish I had more than 24 hours in the day. Although obtaining a few extra hours is unfortunately not possible, there are ways to get the most out of the time we do have. These practices have helped me be more productive during the time that I have, and I hope they help you.

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Peer Coaching and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones facing an avalanche of challenges and that we are alone. What is more likely, though, is that others are going through similar hurdles. One of the ways to find others who are in the same journey is to join a peer group. A peer group will connect you with others who are up to similar projects and will provide a forum to discuss problems and resources. Mostly it will help you understand that you are not alone and will help make the process more enjoyable.

Peer coaching groups are essential in today’s complex world. These can either be formal or informal groups of professionals who come together to share their challenges or projects. Other team members can suggest helpful courses of action or resources. You and your peers are also available for support or advice between sessions.

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This Is How Review Processes Can Streamline Success

As the CEO of the company Celaque, I need to know and analyze the main events and metrics in each of the departments. The best way I have found to stay up-to-date is through a recurrent review of key indicators and documents within the company. In an established company, this is usually all set up, but in a startup, that is not always the case.

I learned this the hard way as a manager a few years ago. I would sometimes get a question about something that was going on, and I felt embarrassed because I didn’t immediately know the answer. I was in the dark because I didn’t have the numbers at my fingertips or I hadn’t checked in a couple of weeks. I realized then that I needed to find a way to stay on top of the information I needed.

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