Understanding Professional Roadblocks and How to Persevere

Along with the joy of starting a new project, job, or journey to achieving a dream comes the hard part: discipline, work, patience, and perseverance. The path is not all pleasant, as that’s just how the territory is. You can expect many highs as you see the fruits of your effort or marvel at discoveries. During the evolution of your project, however, it may sometimes look like nothing will come of what you are doing.

Nevertheless, if you are confident in your vision, keep going. The end goal may not happen exactly as you may have envisioned it, as the result may come from a different direction altogether. The only way to discover that outcome is to keep going and maintain the goal in mind.

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Why Rituals in Your Professional Life Are so Powerful

Rituals are a powerful practice that can help you both conserve energy and achieve your personal and professional objectives. With practice, the actions you take to achieve your goals can become automatic. As Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz write in their book The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal (public library), rituals are an effective tool that can help you get the results you want and mold your life the way you want.

Positive energy rituals are powerful on three levels. They help us to insure that we effectively manage energy in the service of whatever mission we are on. They reduce the need to rely on our limited conscious will and discipline to take action. Finally, rituals are a powerful means by which to translate our values and priorities into action—to embody what matters most to us in our everyday behaviors.

- The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

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Structuring Your Company in a Way That Will Better Inform and Communicate

Our world is more interconnected than ever. As barriers to information disappear due to technology, the velocity with which knowledge moves is quicker. An interrelated world creates more opportunities for all, and things that were never possible before are achievable today in just seconds. Though this is nothing short of miraculous in comparison to the world before it, it also makes us vulnerable. One broken link in this chain of information travel can have unforeseen repercussions.

To better handle this complexity, it helps to design an organization that responds to this new world of instant communication and information. One way to adapt to this new world is in the way you structure the company. Ideally, the information will flow inside the company similar to how information flows on the outside.

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This is My Journey as a Writer: Applying What I Learned in the Corporate World

I have always dreamt of writing a book. I told myself I couldn’t write, however, and that I wasn’t a good writer, even though I had a writer in my family. My paternal grandmother was a poet. She was known as the Poetess of Retalhuleu, a small town in Guatemala where my father’s family is from. The last time I saw her, she gave me all her books, and to this day, I keep them in a drawer as the most special gift I have ever received from her. I told myself she had a special talent -- writers are born that way.

So, I continued my path following what I thought I was good at: accounting and finance. I built an entire career around numbers, and today I am the CEO of a real estate development firm. Still, it’s not all I wanted to do. 

Four months after my youngest daughter was born, I felt a little voice inside of me that I had never heard before. It told me to write. I didn’t understand where it came from, and I still don’t. I just knew it was there, and it wouldn’t stop telling me to write. I tried to reason with it. I was too busy and tired with three young daughters at home, one of them a newborn. I had also just co-founded a company less than a year prior and was in the middle of setting up the new company while maintaining my role at my prior company. There was no way I could start writing.

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