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It’s not always easy to decide to hire someone new. There are many things to consider in the interview and onboarding process, and some of these things may be of concern. What if the person doesn’t adapt? What if the new employee will create more work? What if we can’t find the right person? All these concerns are scary. Finding the right mix of people takes time and effort. At the same time, expanding your team is the only way to grow as an organization.

Therefore, it’s important to get started. The process of onboarding isn’t always straightforward, and it takes time. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will find candidates you like and the sooner you can hire and train the new team member. When you go through all these steps, you will be able to delegate those tasks you are ready to give to someone else and move on with improving your company.

[Photo: Tristian Colangelo/Unsplash]

[Photo: Tristian Colangelo/Unsplash]

The Clock is Ticking

If this is your first employee in a startup, not only will it be your first experience hiring and onboarding an employee, you may also find that the role will evolve. Your hands may be so full, you may not even know what the exact role will end up being; you may just know you need help. It will probably take some trial and error to figure out what the exact responsibilities are for the new role. The accountabilities will develop as you start finding out what part of the work you want to handle and what you want to delegate.

You may, instead, be filling a previously created position. In this case, the sooner the person starts getting trained, the better. I have found a role always changes when a new person takes it over. At this time, you can also take the opportunity to improve how the role works and the new hire can help you. When the new person starts, you will be able to see what works, what doesn’t, or what enhancements you want to make in the established position.

[Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash]

[Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash]

The Hiring Process

Sometimes we put off hiring someone new because going through the entire process can be stressful. We are afraid we won’t make the right choice. Also, hiring takes time. Sometimes you find the ideal candidate quickly, while other times it takes longer.

Then once you hire that person, you must take the time to train that person. Some days you may even prefer to do the work yourself because it takes longer to explain to the new person what work you need them to do. However, if you made the right candidate choice, the day will come where you realize you no longer must remember to do a set of tasks that were constantly on your mind before.

A new employee can be highly beneficial. With more help, you will have more time to think strategically about where you are going next or what new improvements you can make.

And not only can the company now achieve more, but your new hire can also help you grow your business in ways you couldn’t previously imagine, especially if he or she has new skillsets that you previously didn’t have in your company.

[Photo: Charles Forerunner/Unsplash]

[Photo: Charles Forerunner/Unsplash]

Hiring a new employee takes work. There will be a learning curve, especially if this is your first employee. However, if you have the budget, it’s best to immediately start delegating the work that has been saturating your to-do list. You will have more space to focus on the tasks where only you can add value, and ultimately, you can give someone else the opportunity to grow his or her professional career.


Pamela Ayuso is an author and the co-founder and CEO of Celaque. She is a real estate entrepreneur and developer who has executive leadership experience in two of the most successful real estate developers in Honduras — managing operations at Alianza and leading Celaque. Celaque develops office and residential buildings and manages a broad portfolio of properties. Pamela’s focus is on growing Celaque into a model for the 21st-century company.

In addition to her role as CEO at Celaque, Pamela is the author of Amazon best-selling book, Heptagram: The 7-Pillar Business Design System for the 21st Century. She offers practical business and personal development insights for other entrepreneurs and business leaders on her blog and LinkedIn. Her husband and her three wonderful daughters inspired the story of her first children’s book, Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural.       

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