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Professional Mentorship: Benefits for You and Your Mentee

With time, the people you teach will improve. As they improve, you will improve – “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Those you teach will teach you more than what you teach them, and you will feel fulfilled because you made this beautiful world a little bit better.

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Helping New Team Members Adapt to Their Role

Onboarding and training are necessary for a new team member’s growth. When people come into our companies, we have to make sure they learn to speak our language – learn to use our tools, follow our processes, and work the way we work.

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Growing by Letting Go: How to Take Time off From Work

Sometimes change comes faster than expected, but I’m learning to embrace it. This transition did not happen because I took a vacation, but the time off was crucial in helping me see the change more quickly and fully than I would have otherwise.

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