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A Time to Thank Our Team

Last week, we reached the first phase of reopening. Getting there was not easy, and COVID-19 challenged us a company in a way we had never been tested in the past. The pandemic is not over, but we have returned to our buildings and are continuing construction and serving our customers. None of this would have been possible without our fantastic team. Today, I want to thank them.

We all had to juggle personal challenges with our work during our time of shelter-in-place. In a day, we had to move our work from our offices to our homes. We had to adapt with whatever we had available at home, from dining tables to children’s bedrooms, to create new office spaces where none were ever meant to go initially. I know it was not easy, especially for parents, yet everyone managed to adapt to their new physical environment and new work rhythms.

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This is the Time to Hire and Grow Your Company

It’s not always easy to decide to hire someone new. There are many things to consider in the interview and onboarding process, and some of these things may be of concern. What if the person doesn’t adapt? What if the new employee will create more work? What if we can’t find the right person? All these concerns are scary. Finding the right mix of people takes time and effort. At the same time, expanding your team is the only way to grow as an organization.

Therefore, it’s important to get started. The process of onboarding isn’t always straightforward, and it takes time. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will find candidates you like and the sooner you can hire and train the new team member. When you go through all these steps, you will be able to delegate those tasks you are ready to give to someone else and move on with improving your company.

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Assess How Effective You Are at Delegating

As you advance in your career, the ability to delegate becomes more important. By delegating, you will have more time to focus on the work where you can add the most value. You will also provide the space for others to get valuable training and move up in their careers. Take a moment today and assess your effectiveness in delegating.

To start, analyze your current workload. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What are you doing today that you can delegate to free up time for yourself?

  • Is there a specific task that only you can do which you are neglecting to do something that another person on the team can do?

  • Can someone do part of the work you are doing more effectively (or efficiently) than you?

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This Is How a Virtual Assistant Can Enhance Your Business

If you are drowning in your to-do list, try working with a virtual assistant. Finding and working with one can save you hours of time and effort. A virtual assistant can help you tackle your to-do list in no time at all, especially those tasks on your list that can be completed by anyone. He or she will help you get out from under the avalanche of work. When you are freer, your assistant can also help you do the things you wanted to do but never had the time to complete. Having someone you can rely on to do all the undone work can change your professional life.

Luckily, finding a virtual assistant today is easier than ever. Thanks to the internet, there are multiple sites where you can connect with the right assistant for you. My favorite site is Upwork, where you can find highly rated freelancers for every budget, based around the world. You can also post a job on Twitter, Craigslist, or Zirtual, a portal dedicated to helping professionals find virtual assistants for both office and personal work.

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How to Properly Delegate Work to Your First Hire

Sooner or later, your business will grow to the level where you alone can no longer get everything done. It is inevitable: to grow and stay on track with business demands, more help is required.

Hiring a firm’s first employee is a big change that is both positive and challenging. The new hire will not only take on part of the workload but will hopefully bring new skills and practices that weren’t previously available at the firm.

The goal is to train and set the new hire up to be as successful as possible.

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5 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers to Help You Out

As you grow your business, you will need to rely on many capabilities, which you may not have within your firm. But what happens if it is only you and a few employees? Your budget probably doesn’t allow for hiring a professional for each of your many needs.

This is where freelancers come in. They can truly be lifesavers for a small firm. Expert freelancers exist who specialize in anything you can imagine. They can work with your firm on a short-term, contract or ad-hoc basis, helping to solve your current (and future) problems.

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Find the Best Freelance Help for Your Business

Sometimes it seems that to keep up, a small business must know how to do just about everything. From website design to projected cash flows for the bank, the demands on a business for expertise in different areas seem to have no limit.

A small firm can’t possibly afford to have a person on staff for each of these functions. However, thanks to all the information available today, it is easier than ever to hire outside help. A small firm can easily find freelancers, either locally or use the platforms available online.

From web development to graphic design to marketing, accounting, and more, here’s how to find the best freelance help for your business, both online and offline, as well as locally and internationally.

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