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The Importance of Time Away and How It Can Improve Performance

I travel whenever I get the chance. During my trips, I usually work remotely, but at other times I disconnect entirely. Occasionally, just because of the time difference, I do both. What I have discovered from my experiments in travel is how critical distance from the office is for strategic thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It is during these trips that I have had some of the most important insights for my company.

It is not necessarily the travel that makes the most difference in my work quality, although it helps. What does make the most difference is taking time away from the office to let the mind rest, whether it’s to relax or to do a completely different activity. Deliberate rest during vacation or spending time away from the office in an average week is critical for growth and fulfillment. It is just as important as the actual work that gets done, and it is a practice we need to cultivate.

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