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Maintaining What You Have Implemented in Your Company

Often new ideas come unexpectedly, and they are frequently precious. When you create a new workflow or have a new idea about how to do what you or your teams do daily, the concept is often not enough. For the idea to persist, it must be institutionalized in some way; otherwise it may never be implemented. Then, even if the idea is ultimately implemented, it may disappear after some time. 

At Celaque, we are encountering this problem now, as we are in the middle of systematizing how we manage the buildings we develop. Although it is not our first time managing buildings and we already have some systems in place, we are always upgrading how we do it. As a team, we come up with lots of new ideas for innovation. From keeping a book so that the maintenance staff can report anything that happened during their shift to adding bulletin boards so that residents who do not use our software platform can find out about our events and important information, we have been adding many new practices.

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Growing Your Business and How to Implement Processes that Will Show Results

Growth in a company is cumulative, and even small increments over time contribute. The work you have been doing over the years, whether it is time and effort that has been invested in company improvements or training for new skills, builds on top of everything else and becomes the foundation for future actions. That is the beauty of growth.

Progress, however, isn’t always linear. When things are hectic, there simply isn’t any time or energy to invest in new ideas. During periods of high activity, even tiny improvements help. Each new action builds on a previous one and acts like a chain over time. When the period of intense work is over, you can spend time on growth again.

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