Category: Personal improvement

Your Routine Today Will Determine Your Life Tomorrow

You are the sum of your habits – they determine your actions, and your actions give you the results you get, which create the life you are living. Your life right now is the sum of all your past habits because you are where your past actions have put you.

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Three Wonderful Lessons that I Learned in 2021

I have learned so much, mainly about myself, and through that growth, I have learned of others, my friends and family, and my community. And so, I want to close this year with a summary of the main lessons that this year has left me in the hopes that they might be useful for you.

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Building a Routine for Efficiency and Quality

Routines are potent mechanisms in our daily life that help us achieve more. They create structure in our days to help us deal with the complexity of everyday life. By having time and spaces designated for various activities, our tasks become automatic and allow us to do more.

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