Category: Personal development

Ultralearning: Improving Yourself and How You Learn Anything

My biggest takeaway is that I have not been as intentional about how I learn by setting up a plan and learning directly what I want to learn and have therefore wasted valuable time. If we know how to set up a strategy that works and then follow through with it, we will be able to achieve greater feats of learning.

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Professional Mentorship: Benefits for You and Your Mentee

With time, the people you teach will improve. As they improve, you will improve – “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Those you teach will teach you more than what you teach them, and you will feel fulfilled because you made this beautiful world a little bit better.

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Your Routine Today Will Determine Your Life Tomorrow

You are the sum of your habits – they determine your actions, and your actions give you the results you get, which create the life you are living. Your life right now is the sum of all your past habits because you are where your past actions have put you.

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