Category: Goal accomplishment

What Happens When You Have Achieved Your Goal

Goals are a very popular topic. We read advice on how to set them and then how to achieve them. There is less talk, though, about what happens once we get to our destination. Perhaps this is because the likelihood of achieving those goals is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, eventually, with enough effort and knowledge, you will arrive at the point of success.

Once you have accomplished a long-held objective, the moment may be great. It may, however, not be everything you hoped it would be. The results may not feel like what you anticipated. Moreover, after that, there is always the question of what happens next. Do you fill the void with another project? You will have to consider whether you go on with a new phase of that project or if that one is complete, take on a different one.

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Reflecting on Last Year and Setting Goals for the New Year

As the year comes to an end, it’s always a useful exercise to take some time to review the past year and all its events. Reflecting on what happened during the year, what you accomplished, and what could have been done better will bring closure to the year and will also provide the space for valuable learning. It’s also a good idea to take some time to review the past before thinking about the year ahead.

When you are ready to close the chapter of the prior year, you can move on to the future. Start with a clean slate, and create what you want in the following year. Anything goes: it’s your future. Don’t worry if the goals seem too lofty–with deliberate planning and execution, anything is possible.

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