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My Favorite Methods for Communicating and How to Use Them: Part 2

The ability to communicate is one of the most powerful skills we possess as human beings. Moreover, today, we have an unprecedented quantity of tools available to communicate at work. These tools are sometimes subject to misuse, resulting in misunderstandings and wasted time, but they can also be extremely powerful. The more adept we become at switching between one instrument and the next, the more effective we will be at connecting with others and obtaining positive results and healthy business habits.

In My Favorite Methods for Communicating and How to Use Them: Part 1 of this guide, I discussed email and digital and mobile chat applications and their advantages, disadvantages, and best uses. What follows are the three other means of communication my team and I use most often.

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Get the Most Out of Your Communication at Work

We all communicate daily through our words, gestures, and even our poses. The way we communicate becomes second-nature, a part of our being, and these interactions are crucial both personally and professionally.

Through communication, we find new business opportunities, detect errors in the way we operate and find new avenues for growth. What we may not realize is that even though we have been communicating since we were born, we may not be doing it most efficiently, as there are methods to increase what we get out of our communication at work.

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