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The Benefits of Company-Wide Meetings You Need to Know

I discovered the concept of company-wide meetings in Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg’s insightful book How Google Works (read Valuable Ideas from Google for Growth and Innovation: Part 1 and Valuable Ideas from Google for Growth and Innovation: Part 2). According to the authors, the CEOs at Google held weekly Question and Answer sessions to discuss company policy and direction. The goal of the meetings was to also foster communication and transparency across the company. The idea sounded intriguing, and I decided to give it a try to see how the model could fit at our firm.

I was not 100% sure about how it would work for us, so I implemented a similar idea during our company’s holiday event. A representative of each of the core teams got up to speak about their greatest achievements during the year; as people shared their experiences with one another, I could see invisible communication barriers breaking down. It turned out to be much more powerful than I had originally imagined.

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