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How to Reinvent Your Company Post-COVID 19

We are living through a situation that nobody predicted. An event of this magnitude, however, does come with certain advantages: it brings to light problems/opportunities that were previously hidden, and it also gives us time and space to pause and invest. So, why not take this opportunity to reinvent your company?

One of the main takeaways of this situation is recognizing the importance of the ability to operate everything in your company digitally. If you have not moved your information systems to the cloud, I would recommend you start working in that direction as soon as possible.

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Your Company’s Structure and How to Establish the Best Organization

Defining the right structure for your company is one of the most important areas in which you can invest your time as an entrepreneur. It is a significant undertaking, especially if the company is already operating under an existing configuration. Nevertheless, your organizational structure will determine how everyone operates within your company. How well it fits the company’s tasks and internal dynamics as well as the external context that it inhabits can make a significant difference in the company’s performance of up 24% [i].

As entrepreneurs, we usually start selling a product or a service. When we begin to have more demand for that product or service, we then decide to build a team and a company. Usually, we start with a simple configuration. Very soon, if we are lucky, we have more work than we can manage so we need to hire more people.

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How to Build a Growing Company’s Structure and Organization

Building an organizational structure is one of the hardest things I’ve worked on as an entrepreneur. It requires many hours of work and design, and the efforts must be constantly adjusted as the context and the way the company operates changes. The organizational structure is the skeleton over which all company responsibilities are built. When it is clear what team is responsible for what and how each role fits into the grand scheme of the company, work is more efficient, and the probability that an important task will get lost is greatly diminished.

How a company is organized depends on its industry, but I’ve found some overarching concepts that I’ve applied to Celaque. These ideas have held ever since I implemented them and have only become more relevant with time.

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