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Adapting to Constant Change and How You Can Improve Your Company Structure

We sometimes put off the time to invest in our teams and company structure. I understand the urge to delay it, as we already have so much on our plates that we resist one more thing, and creating these structures takes time and effort. Ultimately, the project will be worthwhile, mainly because you will gain peace of mind but also because you will have continued to create an ever-evolving company that produces excellent and consistent results and that grows as it is meant to.

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COVID-19 From the Point of View of the Ancient Stoics – Part 2

As I discussed in my previous piece, the ancient Stoics have much to teach us in the middle of this crisis. Acceptance is one of their most important lessons.

As Epictetus put it: “Some things are up to us, and some are not up to us.” There are also things, as Irvine points out, over which we have partial control. Epictetus, who was born a slave and was also disabled, said that it is foolish to spend our time thinking and worrying about things we cannot control, and we should accept them with calm. Nevertheless, we are responsible for our actions.

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COVID-19 From the Point of View of the Ancient Stoics – Part 1

n the middle of these tumultuous times, I keep referring to the Ancient Stoics and their philosophy. William Irvine’s A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy (public library) describes the Stoic philosophy’s principles, which were designed to prepare people for times exactly like the ones we are living. Through their practices, we can learn to appreciate what we have, use situations to become stronger and be able to deal with more challenges, and accept our circumstances.

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