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In the Midst of Nature: Finding Inspiration for Work

I’m sitting, writing in a house that is surrounded by a forest. There are so many trees that you could almost call it a forest, except it is not. I can see a bird with a yellow body and a black head from my window as it flies from tree to tree. It hung upside down for a moment and then flew away. I see other birds in the distance, and I can hear many others still. Another bird with a red streak in its head and a brown body came to the same tree; this seems to be a very popular tree.

I see more of the yellow birds in the distance. They are playful and easy to find thanks to their bright, rich color. I can see at least five or six different birds right now. I started writing with my earphones on because when I am in my office, I always need music to block out external distractions. When I realized I could hear the birds singing, I took them off. It seemed ridiculous to be wearing earphones when I could instead be listening to the birds’ song.

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