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Peace of Mind: How Processes Can Ease a New Employee’s Transition

Imagine Scenario 1. Eric starts his new office job and has to learn everything he can from Sara. She is leaving in two weeks to go to a different firm. He follows her around, taking copious notes, hoping to absorb everything within that short time frame. Eric asks questions and tries to organize the job procedures in his mind, but there are massive amounts of information. There is no system for processes; he must learn how to do the job directly from Sara. When Sara leaves, he is left to tie up any loose ends on his own or with the help of other employees. Inevitably, though, information will be lost.

Unfortunately, this first scenario is very common. If there is no system when people take over their jobs, they start developing their own methods for managing their responsibilities. These are stored mostly in their minds, and whenever a replacement has to be made, the information has to be taught to the new employee.

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