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Your Business and New Employees: How to Adjust Your Processes

The ultimate benefit of processes is that they are adaptable. They are living organisms that can be modified as the company grows or changes. Because a structure with preexisting processes is already in place, it is easier to adjust, add, or remove responsibilities as the team grows and evolves.

When a new person joins your company, the current processes can provide the foundation from which you and the team can see what work is being done now and how it can be modified. From there, it is easy to reduce the workload for other members of the team, if necessary, and to assign new responsibilities.

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This is Our Process for Closing a Sale

As a real estate development firm, our company sells properties on an ongoing basis; each time a property is sold, several actions must take place to complete the transaction. The problem is, however, that there are so many steps involved in closing a sale that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. From remembering file storage, document signage, and the entire accounting process, it is crucial not to neglect any of these steps.

Different companies organize the steps in various ways. Originally at our firm, each person had a separate checklist, or just memorized all the steps. Many times, we would overlook a crucial step, and it would be left undone until the mistake was discovered later. Other times, the missing actions were never noticed at all.

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6 Reasons You Will Love Wrike Like We Do

A few years ago, I would spend an hour or two every morning meeting with individual members of our team. During these meetings, we would go over all the assigned tasks and projects to see where we stood. Activities were assigned verbally and written in each person’s organizer. In follow-up meetings, I would find that we had miscommunicated, and the to-dos had been misunderstood. Valuable time had been wasted. We soon realized that this method was too inefficient, and something had to change.

After researching the benefits of Cloud software, I knew a Cloud-based project management system was right for our firm. Project management software would allow us to share tasks and deadlines as well as improve our effectiveness as a team. Because we did not have an IT department, we needed software that is constantly upgraded and easy to implement. I weighed many options and finally chose Wrike. Here’s why we love Wrike.

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