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Writing My First Book and What I’ve Learned

I just finished editing the bulk of my book, and what is left now are only a few final edits and formatting work. I don’t know how I am going to publish it yet (if anybody has any tips, I will be glad to hear them!), but for now, I feel liberated. Writing that book took everything I had.

I always wanted to write a book and I finally decided to write one in 2019. Initially, when I started in January of that year, I set out to write 60,000 words. I borrowed some material from my blog because I have developed many of my ideas there. I also wanted to find academic papers and books to support the views I had and to add many other new ideas.

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How I Took Advantage of the Found Time during COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic must be one of the strangest and most challenging experiences any of us have had. We have all had to adapt in the best way possible. I am writing this in September, half a year after the pandemic started for me, and it seems like a good time to evaluate my approach during the pandemic to see what I might learn from it.

I had minor surgery on March 12th, just days before our city shut down. Because it was my first surgery, thoughts of my recovery dominated my mind. Then, when we had to close our office and move to remote work on the following Monday, the surgery was overshadowed by the indefinite work-from-home order. In the span of two days, my life shifted to a fight for the basics of life: education for my girls, figuring out my household in this new environment, and scariest of all, what would happen to our company. That first week was filled with fear and survival-mode action.

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Writing a Book: My Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles

I officially launched my blog over two years ago. Writing has been an unexpected path for me, full of trials and gifts. I write one blog entry a week around topics I find interesting or have found challenging as a business leader.

Along the way, I have also been experimenting with different types of material as I write. I started by writing about processes and systems and have moved to other topics such as productivity and overall company management. My articles have taught me and helped me clarify my ideas.

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How Risk Management Can Protect and Grow Your Business

In his book, The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor, Howard Marks (public library) writes extensively about risk. As the co-founder and co-chairman of a highly successful asset management firm called Oaktree Capital Management, he assesses investment risk daily and has unique insight into how it works. Risk is variously defined as volatility and uncertainty – he describes it as the “likelihood of loss.”

Most of us do not buy and sell securities for a living, but we all face risk whenever we make a decision. The quality of our outcomes depends on how well we deliberate and manage the inherent risk in our choices. We aim to select the best possible path, but there is always a risk that it will turn out differently.

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The Value of Personal Growth: Pushing Through the Pain

The agony of the writer. I am not the first to write about this and certainly not the last. But alas, I will try to render my personal experiences and inspire something positive out of this profoundly uncomfortable feeling.

I’m in the middle of editing my business book, which is an exploration of what I have learned about building a business – it is, in essence, the business handbook I wish I had had when I started as an entrepreneur. I thought the writing process was going to be the hardest part, and editing the book would be a breeze. I would only have to hire a great professional, and the rest would sort itself out.

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The Many Ways that Writing Can Benefit You

Writing is a wonderful practice — whether you choose to publish your writing or not, the simple act of putting your thoughts and ideas to paper will help you grow as a person and a professional. We often view writing as means to an end. But writing in itself has many benefits that go beyond getting information across to others.

I started writing four years ago, first in spurts and then eventually consistently. I didn’t realize how beneficial writing is to the author before I began, which was an unexpected gift for me. Now it’s a regular part of my routine and an important part of who I am. Through writing, I get to express my ideas and clarify my thoughts with others and am enriched by their feedback.

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How to Stay Up-to-Date by Reading & Learning

At work and as adults, we are expected to keep abreast of important events and new information. However, amid the commotion of daily life, keeping up with the news and reading books can easily be forgotten. Moreover, it can be a struggle to develop a habit.

Fortunately, there are many ways to obtain information. The key is to find the best mix of articles and books to keep informed in the most effective way possible.

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Keep Growing: How to Implement What You Read

Reading business articles and books is one of the best ways to learn, keep up-to-date, and discover new ideas for growing a business. With all the resources available today, the options are endless; one can learn about any topic imaginable, and this is an opportunity for expansion.

However, reading is only half of the process. As one starts to absorb more information, there is a problem that arises: how to organize and sift through all the new ideas and information from the books and articles. It would be ideal to implement some of this new and acquired knowledge, but how can one best classify and organize all the ideas in the readings?

I have struggled with this problem myself, and have found the following steps helpful for managing and organizing the information I find within the articles and books I read.

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Valuable Ideas from Google for Growth and Innovation: Part 2

This article is Part 2 of my review and insights on How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg.

The first part of my review highlighted some of Google’s best ideas on organization, access to information, and interviewing. In this article, I share some of my favorite quotes from their guide on goal-sharing, communication, resources, and innovation.

By no means is this a comprehensive review of the book, but in case you have not had a chance a to read it, here are some of the ideas I found most striking as a business manager myself. As soon as you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it; I predict Google’s ideas will have a significant impact on any organization.

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