Author Pamela Ayuso’s book, Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural is a story that caters to a child’s creative imagination. When a lonely, bored Alicia hears her name called from the bottom of a basket and discovers Bunnie to be the source of that call, suddenly there seems to be a world of possibility in what the two of them might accomplish together.

Young readers will be delighted to know that Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural is but the first in a series of Alicia and Bunnie adventures and will be eager to see what further escapades await them. Filled with joy and fantasy, this book will be a favorite with children of all ages.

Also available in Spanish.

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A sneak peek inside Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural.

Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural

The book is available in hardcover and Kindle.

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Alicia y Cone pintan un mural

Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural is available in Spanish in hardcover and Kindle. Click to buy your copy.

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Order your copy of Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural and share this book of resilience and creativity with the children in your life. The book is available on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle.


Pamela Ayuso is an author and the co-founder and CEO of Celaque. She is a real estate entrepreneur and developer who has executive leadership experience in two of the most successful real estate developers in Honduras — managing operations at Alianza and leading Celaque. Celaque develops office and residential buildings and manages a broad portfolio of properties. Pamela’s focus is on growing Celaque into a model for the 21st-century company.

In addition to her role as CEO at Celaque, Pamela is a writer that offers practical business and personal development insights for other entrepreneurs and business leaders on her blog and LinkedIn. She published her first children’s book in 2019, Alicia and Bunnie Paint a Mural.

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