Category: Adapting to change

How Learning from the Past Can Propel Your Future Success

I’m surprised by how long it took me to realize what I was doing this time because I have been practicing letting go of the past for a long time. But it creeps in, and sometimes we do not notice. The more we are present, the more potent we are and the happier we will be.

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A Time to Thank Our Team

Last week, we reached the first phase of reopening. Getting there was not easy, and COVID-19 challenged us a company in a way we had never been tested in the past. The pandemic is not over, but we have returned to our buildings and are continuing construction and serving our customers. None of this would have been possible without our fantastic team. Today, I want to thank them.

We all had to juggle personal challenges with our work during our time of shelter-in-place. In a day, we had to move our work from our offices to our homes. We had to adapt with whatever we had available at home, from dining tables to children’s bedrooms, to create new office spaces where none were ever meant to go initially. I know it was not easy, especially for parents, yet everyone managed to adapt to their new physical environment and new work rhythms.

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Pandemic Pivot How is Your Company Looking to the Future

“Pandemic Pivot”: I recently heard this phrase from a friend, and I loved it – it acknowledges the situation, yet it puts a positive spin on it. As I have mentioned in the past couple of weeks, COVID-19 is forcing a change. We can resist it, or we can embrace it to push us to a new direction.

A pandemic pivot can be personal, and it can also apply to our companies. How will your company need to change to leverage the changes that COVID-19 is forcing? How can we grow stronger? It is worthwhile to look at a pivot from a variety of perspectives.

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Maintaining and Improving Your Company Capabilities

The COVID-19 situation has completely altered work patterns. Regardless of how accustomed we were to a way of operating, the pandemic has forced us to change how we work. This period is a time to make sure everything we have built in our companies is carefully maintained and updated. A company is a living organism that needs to keep active. Very easily, we could regress and lose precious ground, but instead, we can maintain our company infrastructure and even improve it as we go.

A company’s organizational structure is the skeleton over which its operations are built. The configuration should be good fit between your company’s capabilities and its external environment. This structure evolves with the company, so what might have worked at one point may no longer be relevant.

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Planning and Looking to the Future

The coronavirus has caused widespread health and economic problems; no one has been spared from its impact in some way or another. It has created a daily rollercoaster of emotions.

Yet, in the middle of it all, I am ready to start thinking about the future, about hope and beauty. I am taking the COVID-19 pandemic as a forced break to slow down and reassess, and even reinvent my life. Once I am out of this necessary hibernation, I want my life to align with my dreams and ideals more closely, so I am doing a few things to meet those aspirations.

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