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Picasso’s Bull: Inspiration for Streamlined Design Within Your Firm

Pablo Picasso’s 1946 “The Bull” is widely regarded as a masterpiece. It is a series of eleven lithographs which start with a realistic sketch of a bull. Initially, it becomes more muscular and lifelike. However, the trend then reverses. Step by step, Picasso removes everything which does not represent the bull’s essence. Each subsequent print finds a simpler sketch until the eleventh lithograph is a line drawing of the bull. Remarkably, the final bull retains its spirit as much as the original design.

This series is famous because it is a visual representation of the evolution towards simplicity. The concept is not only applicable to art. The bull’s progression can also serve as an analogy for the design of business organizations and processes. Through continuous redesign, your organization has the potential to progress into a simpler, more streamlined configuration.

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How to Keep your Inbox Clean... for Good

As you go through your day, emails come in like flowing water. They pile up on top of other emails in your already full inbox. Some emails may be unimportant, like offers from stores, and others may be strategic, such as a client negotiations. Month after month; year after year, the number of emails in your inbox grows to hundreds and thousands.

I propose a new way of managing your inbox: keep it empty.

Don’t let emails stay there longer than 24 hours. Why? Because when an inbox is full of emails, your view gets cluttered. Lying within your crowded inbox, it is easy for important items to get lost. Furthermore, a full inbox where key information is just floating around with no control adds unnecessary stress to your life.

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