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How Your Company Can Keep Up in a Complex World

One of the first business management consultants was Frederick Taylor. Taylor was an industrial-era management thinker who worked with factories to ensure maximum efficiency in their production processes. By assigning highly-specialized tasks to the employees in the factory, he managed to shave off significant amounts of time from overall production.

Taylor applied scientific principles to his observations about the production process. From those observations, he then wrote The Principles of Scientific Management, published in 1911. In the process, his ideas helped shape current management theory.

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Implementing a Management Team Meeting and How to Make it Work

As a company grows, its day-to-day operations become more and more complex. Even when a company has the right structure in place to handle all the company’s transactions, communication within the company may not be flowing optimally. The interactions within the structure could be placing an undue burden on a person or a team within the company. A practice we recently developed, which is standard practice in many companies, is the creation of a management team to discuss ongoing management issues. A management team can help your company make communication across departments more fluid and effective.

I am the CEO in my company, Celaque and have been from day one, starting when our team numbered a total of just three people. The dynamics were of course very different then – managing communications and the workload in a small team was fairly easy. With time, however, we grew, and now we are in the final phases of selling/leasing and managing one building, the construction of another, and the development of a third project. Now, with many more transactions and interactions within the company, my role has shifted.

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Your Physical Workspace: How to be Organized, Efficient, and Comfortable

The space we inhabit affects us more than we might imagine. It is the place where our best ideas and work come to fruition. It is also the place where we spend most of our waking hours. If we don’t feel comfortable, we may not be as productive as we would otherwise be. At the very least, we owe it to ourselves to work in an environment that brings out the best in us and in which we are at ease.

This space may not just be in your office-- it can also be at home. Both at home and in the office, you can make that space work for you and practical for the work you want to accomplish. At the office, you may have less control over the matter, since you’ve probably been assigned a specific location. Although its physical location might not be your choice, you can always make your work area yours by taking some simple actions.

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The Greatest Impact on our Limited Time

We juggle numerous tasks, day in and day out. The mountain of work can often seem to grow every day and the amount of work we need to do never seems to end. It is at times like these when it’s important to question the quality of the work we are doing. There are days when we may complete 20 different to-do list items, but what have we accomplished in the grander picture?

The to-do list is inevitable and quite powerful. It is the means through which our goals can become a reality, but it can also become a problem when it starts having a life of its own and controlling our lives. Instead, you can ask yourself the following questions at the beginning of each day:

  • What matters the most today?

  • What will have the greatest impact?

  • What is crucial today?

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