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Invest in Your Professional Development and Education

It is time to invest in your education and development. There may be a course you have been meaning to take or a conference you have wanted to attend. Do not wait any longer, as you are your most precious asset, and you should invest in yourself fully.  

You and your growth are all you can truly control after all. Even your professional projects are vulnerable to an element of uncertainty. Why not, then, invest in your education and growth? Sometimes the cost is a hurdle, but finding and making the time in a busy schedule is usually the hardest obstacle.

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Maintaining Faith: Build It and They Will Come

About a year ago we were remodeling our office, and we planted a small garden, which I can see from my office window. We also planted a climbing plant with bright, red flowers. It took some time for the plants to grow and the garden to take shape, and then yesterday, our first hummingbird came to visit. It was drawn to the red flowers and stayed for a few minutes as it fluttered around the flowers and the rest of the garden. It took one year, but there it was - our first hummingbird visitor. What a vision it was.

Like our garden, building a successful product takes time and patience. It involves planning, work, and effort. Often something goes wrong along the way, and the original plans must be adjusted. However, if your product is built right for your client, they will come. More often than not, it will work out as you envisioned.

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How to Make Sense of This Crazy World

I used to think that I could build a perfectly structured company in which everything would be neat and tidy. I tirelessly designed and organized the company to ensure the structure would be failproof. Little by little, that idea was slowly torn apart as I discovered how little is actually in my control. The world and life itself can change in an instant. An organization will be put under stress and sometimes experience failures no matter how organized it is.

At times the changes may come slowly and are easier to adapt to. Other times, a circumstance may be a game changer and can present itself unexpectedly, to which we have no choice but to adapt. Given that this is how the world operates, how can we succeed in the middle of all this uncertainty? How do we operate effectively in a world that sometimes makes no sense? I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some strategies I’ve been experimenting with for some time.

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How to Set Up Your Peer Coaching Group for Success

Peer coaching groups are one of the most useful mechanisms you can design for your career. Growing a career/business is complex, and it is much easier to face challenges with others who are in the same boat as you. In a peer coaching group, you and a group of professionals can come together to listen, learn, and share your career paths and projects.

During these meetings, the group members discuss goals, challenges, or simply what is happening in their professional lives. In between sessions, you’ll have a group of people you can rely on for support during the projects you are embarking on.

You may not be in a location where a group is readily available, so you may have to set one up yourself. In any case, to have the greatest impact on your professional life, it’s imperative to make sure your peer group is the right one for you.

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